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Anjuli & Jesse

When @allyhotch was a child, her body began to hurt. Her shoulders and hips would dislocate regularly. She was in constant pain. Doctors couldn’t find a cause. It wasn’t until she was married that the answer came. Ally was diagnosed with a condition called, “Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.”

This rare condition is a connective tissue disorder that causes complications affecting her entire body- from organs to nerves to joints. Ally’s body is in constant, throbbing, immobilizing pain. If she moves in the slightest wrong way, her joints can dislocate. Simple tasks take hours. She needs help to move, eat, bathe, and put on her shoes. There is no cure.

Ally finds hope in Jesus and the laughter of her two daughters. Her husband is a full time, unpaid, caregiver. Even when struggles mount up against them, God is their rock. He sustains them minute by minute. TODAY we get to love @allyhotch! PLEASE repost this photo anywhere on social media, pray for Ally, and donate. Our goal is to raise $2,000! (Link to repost and donate in the @themomsweloveclub profile). #themomsweloveclub #hEDS #ehlersdanlossyndrom

@stephleshana held her 7-day-old infant as doctors explained that her husband, Jason, had two forms of rare and aggressive cancer that would likely take his leg, and statistically, return despite intervention. Today, Jason has undergone extensive treatment for two forms of Sarcoma cancer. He lives with a closely monitored tumor on his hip bone, a nodule on his lung, extensive nerve damage, chronic (daily) pain, and relies on a foot brace and cane to walk.


Every single medical scan terrifies Stephanie. She worries how the results might alter her and her husband’s life, and the lives of their three young boys. Amidst her circumstance and worry, @stephleshana sees God at work in her day-to-day life,“He has given us the strength to keep fighting every single day. He literally gives us our ‘daily bread,’ exactly what we need to survive each day.”


TODAY we get to pray, post this picture, and donate to love Stephanie. We aim to raise $5,000 for @stephleshana to cover travel costs to medical appointments, and pain management medication. Use the paper airplane icon to repost this in your Instagram story, and visit @themomsweloveclub to donate (or repost). Today, we are LOVE at work ❤️  #loveforstephanie

@kassibacquet was pregnant at 16. She struggled, overcame and grew into a beautiful young mama. Later, she had four more children with her husband, Daniel. Her youngest are a set of twins: Trax and Tavvi. Within a few weeks, Trax was sick. Very very sick. Her baby boy was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

Kassi knows sickness. She was in her young twenties when she woke up and couldn’t walk. She had a disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS). Two years ago her arm went numb and vision blurred. The diagnosis came- Mixed Connective Tissue Disease AND Multiple Sclerosis. And last year, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s. She has FOUR different (invisible) diseases.

@kassibacquet always hurts. The future is unknown for her and Trax. Yet, when life is hard, Kassi and her husband continue to work on Young Life staff so youth can come to know Christ. TODAY we get to pray, post this picture, and raise $5,000 to cover six months worth of medication and long-distance doctor visits. 👉🏼 Get the picture to post and donate @themomsweloveclub profile. ❤️ #loveforkassi #lovefortrax

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