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Love for Beth

Beth independently adopted her incredible daughters: Christina and Qing Qing. Christina was born with a non-typical brain structure and is limited in mobility, and her ability to speak. Qing Qing was born with Down syndrome and was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

The world often tells Beth her daughters are “Lucky to have you.” Beth says the opposite, “No, I am lucky to have them.” Beth, we are humbled by the love you pour out as you care for your daughters. We are in awe of the beauty you exude as you remind the world “God is faithful.”

Today we pray, post, and donate to @lissabethnicole. We are trying to raise $5,000 to cover Beth’s medical insurance deductible for 2020. Get the picture to post and donate in the @themomsweloveclub profile (double tap so more people will see Beth’s story.) #loveforbeth

Photo credit: @lightbyiris

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