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Love for Brandilee

@bleemarie remembers the smell of the hospital soap when the doctor said, “Your son has severe Cerebral Palsy.” Her heart collapsed right there on the floor. BrandiLee scooped Gavin in her arms and embraced the privilege of raising a son with special needs.

Nearly six years later, while changing the diaper of her third son, Finn, she saw blood. Panic shot through her. Then the words came that cracked her world apart, “Cancer. The rarest kind. 10% chance of survival.”

BrandiLee is literally fighting to keep her oldest and youngest alive, while still caring for her middle son. Her fight is hard, exhausting, and painful. And, yet, her love is strong. She never gives up. Today, we aren’t giving up on you, BrandiLee. Though tired, afraid, and lonely, you are not alone. Today we, strangers and sisters from around the world, are showing up for you. Today we pray, re-post, and donate. (Link to give and repost in @themomsweloveclub profile) #loveforbrandilee

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