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Love for Christa

They have dozens of doctors appointments a month, several hospital visits a year, and therapy is their norm. @christam0812 manages migraines, homework, bath, and bedtime all ALONE. She is a single mom shouldering her children's battle with NF and her own. Yes, all three have the same incurable - tumor growing - pain inducing - dangerous disease.


Christa, you are a gentle warrior. Giving, fighting, battling, supporting, covering, and caring for your lovely children. When breathing is labored, we pray Christ is your breath. When light grows dark, we pray hope lifts them open. When fear threatens, we pray faith strengthens you.


Remember, God sings a love song into your soul. Rest your head close to His heart and find courage. He carries you as you carry them. Today, we pray and repost. Please donate a dime or a few dollars. Everything helps. {To repost and give - link in profile @themomsweloveclub}. #loveforchrista


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