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Love for Faith

It was 6:07 pm and @faithearly heard her phone ring. It was the doctor. The results came back for Anniston, her baby. Faith felt like vomiting. She jumped up from the very public room she was in, ran into a storage closet, closed the door, sank to the floor and sobbed, “She’s dying, she’s dying.”

Anniston was diagnosed with IL10 RB deficiency. A disease (attacking her GI system) so rare she is the ONLY human in the US to have it. (That’s 1 out of 327.2 million people). Faith gives and gives. From a risky bone marrow transplant, living in isolation for months, and countless rounds of chemo, Faith carries Anniston through it all (and her two other boys).

The journey ahead is so hard. The fear of Anniston’s body rejecting the bone marrow transplant is constant. There is no other treatment for her. Faith, today we pray love and hope into your fear. Today, we post and donate (Goal- $6,000 to cover 1 yr of medication not covered by insurance). Picture and link to donate in profile @themomsweloveclub profile


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