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Love for Hannah

Jude was born April 17th, 2014 with a lethal form of Dwarfism called RCDP. When doctors said he would die within two weeks @hannahkatelyn shook and sobbed uncontrollably. She left the hospital with her baby boy, a deadly diagnosis, but also, an unwavering hope. Today, Jude is 233 weeks old.

Hannah may never feel Jude’s arms wrap around her neck or hear him say “mommy.” He may never run or ride a school bus. There are waves of grief. But what resonates deeper than sadness is a love that surpasses fear, a faith that speaks louder than a disease, and a dream that shines brighter than the moon at full glow. Because, Jude is HER son. Her God-given love. Her gift. Her song.

@hannahkatelyn, when fear presses up against you, press deeper still into God’s peace. Your hope gives us hope. Your love awakens us to true Gospel love. Your brave little warrior gives us courage to never ever give up. Today, we pray and post. Please donate a dime or a few dollars. Everything helps. {To repost and give- link in profile @themomsweloveclub}. #loveforhannah #bravelittlewarrior #dwarfismawareness


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