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Love for Jenn knows what cramping means in pregnancy- She’s endured 6 miscarriages. Jenn adopted 2 children from Africa with significant trauma. Having black children in a white community- She knows the cutting eyes of suspicion. Jenn knows hospitals and holistic treatments- Her husband is in the ugly throws of cancer. She understands when people walk away because her life is just too much for them.

Yet, Jenn never stops fighting. She is an advocate for parents of adoption, educates others on healthy living, and fights to keep her husband alive.

Jenn you are teaching us how to live a life of faithfulness. Despite collapsed dreams, you demonstrate daily love. Today, we fight for you. God is sending out an army of angels to remind you of how loved you are. Let’s love by posting this pic, praying, and giving towards their massive medical bills. Link in @themomsweloveclub profile. #loveforjenn


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