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Love for Krystal

“I woke up to him seizing on the floor bleeding. My life literally changed overnight…” Krystal says, about the moment her husband suffered a brain bleed, and her worst nightmare became her reality. Krystal’s husband, Nehemiah, lives with an AVM — a brain abnormality that can result in a critical or fatal brain bleed at any moment. Krystal is mom to three young girls and married to the love of her life. @krystalmfesterly lives knowing life is fragile. But she chooses joy and beauty, still and always. Today, Nehemiah has survived several brain bleeds. He and Krystal live with the side effects of surviving; seizures, loss of basic skills and amnesia— short term memory loss. She says, “It’s like living with Dory…but in reality, it’s more like living with someone with dementia.” @krystalmfesterly is her husband’s caregiver, a mother, and the SOLE financial provider for her family. As Krystal cares for and provides for her family, she proclaims God’s presence: “No matter how alone I feel in this, He is always with me.” Krystal, thank you for teaching us how to love better and hold tight to hope. Today we pray, post, and donate to @krystalmfesterly. We are trying to raise $5,000 towards the family’s out-of-pocket medical insurance costs. Get the picture to post and donate in the @themomsweloveclub profile, and double tap so more people will see Krystal’s story. #loveforkrystal


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