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Love for Lindsay

Updated: Mar 30, 2018

Before she got sick, Lindsay was a mom just like you and me. She took the dogs for walks, ran, cooked dinner and too care of her baby boy. She did normal things like target runs, trips to Trader Joe's and weekends with friends and family. She spent her days folding laundry, playing with her son and packing lunches for preschool.

5 years ago, Lindsay was diagnosed with Status Migrainosus. Migraines that don't ever go away.

That's 1,865 days with chronic, unrelenting pain.

Lindsay, a dreamer, lover of nature, follower of Jesus, faithful wife, and adoring mother has been imprisoned in a world of darkness for 5 years. This is the life of someone with an incurable disease.

Lindsay, what you don't realize is YOU bring US light. Your courage and faith teach us that no matter what the pain, no matter what the loss, no matter what mountain stands in front of us, true HOPE is found in God. You teach us that even when hope is lost, it can always be found.

As a community on social media we are rising up together, and sending love into her darkness. Post after post we are saying "You are not forgotten Lindsay. We see you.

Making of a Brave Man


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