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Love for Michele

@michele_my_belle17 woke up 2 yrs ago with the worst headache of her life. While she was caring for her three little boys, she passed out in pain. Her oldest son (age 9) called 911, while the little two watched. Michele was rushed to the hospital where she almost died.

Michele was diagnosed with Moyamoya disease. She is entirely dependent on assistance, paralyzed on her left side, and has double vision. She can’t run errands or make lunches. The loss has been devastating. Yet, she endures. She is mama who never gives up.

@Michele_my_belle17, you remind us to love greatly. You face pain and trauma with your heart linked to God. Your boys are so lucky to have you. We pray and donate to ease the burden of everyday life. ($5,000 to pay for 6 months of therapy insurance doesn’t cover). Get picture and donate @themomsweloveclub profile. 


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