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Love for Sharon

@sharonmckeeman went into the hospital room anticipating the birth of her third baby, but she left with empty arms. Joshua, her son died on his birthday, October 30th. Sharon was shattered. She knows the bitter cold of darkness. After Joshua, she had two miscarriages and two rainbow babies. There was a light after so much loss.

Last year while her husband was deployed, Sharon’s little girl was climbing out of the crib. Sharon leaped across the room to catch her. In an instant, Sharon’s legs collapsed under her leaving her unable to move and in excruciating pain. Sharon’s left leg suffered nerve damage and was paralyzed by compartment syndrome.

Today, we love @sharonmckeeman. Every single moment of her life is a challenge. Yet, she leans into beauty. She finds courage to keep going. Today, we post this picture, pray, and donate to raise $5,000 for motorized leg braces that could help her regain mobility and medical bills. Get the picture to post and donate at the @themomsweloveclub  profile #Loveforsharon


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