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@riahannonvaldez knows fear. She has handed her precious boy, Vicente (Jr), to teams of surgeons over 40 times, and logged months at the bedside of her son’s crib at Children’s Hospital. As Jr’s caregiver, Riahannon also knows the intense loneliness and isolation that comes with caring for a child with medical complexities, especially during a global pandemic. But Riahannon also knows gratitude, and she is thankful everyday she is able to care for her son and family.


Jr has a tracheostomy, relies on a ventilator with oxygen, and uses adaptive equipment to move independently. There are not many answers for Jr’s complex medical conditions, but Riahannon never gives up, and she prays daily for insight for her son’s medical team, and peace for her husband and 4 other children through the unknown.


TODAY it is our joy to post this picture, pray, and donate to LOVE Riahannon — we get to remind @riahannonvaldez she is not alone in prayer or in the unknown. Jr’s immune suppression means he is unable to go to parks, or venture far from home. Today we are raising $2,000 for concrete in Rhiannon’s backyard to ensure a safe place for Jr to play. Visit @themomsweloveclub to REPOST this picture and DONATE. Today, we are LOVE at work


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