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Love for Courtney

@courtneynscully took Quincy to the ER because she suddenly stopped walking. When the doctor coldly said, “it’s a mass on her spine,” Courtney collapsed over sobbing on the bathroom floor. Quincy had cancer, stage 3, neuroblastoma.

Courtney is mom to 6 kids under 7 (twins AND triplets). Her husband works full time and does side jobs just to make ends meet. She manages everything and can hardly breathe. Yet, her compass is always set to Christ.

Courtney, when the way ahead is scary, take courage. When darkness presses in, cling to hope. When words fail you, keep singing the song of your soul. Let’s love @courtneynscully by posting, praying and raising 5k. Every dollar helps. Link to post/give @themomsweloveclub profile #loveforcourtney


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