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Love for Joy

@mandiejoy went in for her annual check up and causally asked the doctor to remove a mole on her leg. She was 29 yrs old- young, unmarried, and healthy. As a foster mom to over 40 kids and an adoptive mom to three girls, Joy’s life felt like it was just beginning. Three days later, the doctor coldly said, “We will try to give you 5 years to live at best.”

Cancer. Stage 3 Melanoma. Joy fights and faces this cancer head on. Even in pain, she still cares for her girls. Her sweet daughter has Cerebral Palsy and needs ongoing care. Joy gives her girls a love and laughter filled home.

Today, Joy, we flood your IG feed with prayers. We post and pray for healing. We donate to cover medical bills, gas, and groceries ($12,000). You are a single mom, but we stand right beside you. Strangers from around the world are filling in the lonely gaps of your soul. You are not alone. Post this picture and donate @themomsweloveclub profile. #loveforjoy


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