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Love for Laurel

In June @swaneyfam felt a lump near her abdomen. Laurel recalls the moment the doctor called, “I remember writing the word oncologist down on the white piece of paper, circling it a few times, hanging up the phone and just staring at it in disbelief.” Then the news came on September 11th. Ovarian cancer.

Laurel is a mama to four kids. Her youngest, JiaJia, was adopted from China just two years ago and is still adjusting to her new home. Laurel is battling for her life and in her 3rd round of chemo. Her cancer is the rarest kind- clear cell carcinoma. Only 5% people have this form of Ovarian cancer.

@swaneyfam dreams of seeing her little ones become adults and sharing the love of God with others. Today, we pray, post and donate. We are trying to raise $5,000 to help Laurel’s family pay for rent and therapy for JiaJia. Get the picture to post and donate @themomsweloveclub (Link in Profile). #loveforlaurel


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